How to send outlook email in UiPath?

dear ,

I have purchased UIPath license and try to send email.

However, it appears the same error msg as trial version saying:

may I know if this is due to firewall setting or do I need to configure Outlook in advance? thank you~

You have not configured your outlook account on that system. By default Get Outlook activity will use the default account configured on that system on which you are using. if you have more then 2 account are configured on your system then you have to mention your account mail id in Get Outlook activity properties.

thanks for your reply. I can get outlook mail msg by inputting my Outlook email address. However, when I type the same Outlook email address in “Send Outlook Mail”, it pop up error:

thanks for your help~

The outlook Application is closed during the run of workflow?

It should be open to intractable with your outlook if you are using UiPath activities.


the UiPath didn’t close, just when I run “Send Outlook Mail”, it pops up “Operation aborted”. its strange that we can get outlook mail using same email address but cannot send outlook mail…

thanks for your reply and hope you a nice weekend ahead~

I was asking abkut outllook app open or closed wheb u were running your workflow pal.

I never close the app and I search from Microsoft web, it said it maybe log out of Outlook.

however, when I check the login status, it shows below account error. its weird that it shows the error but I can still send / receive email manually…

You can use send outlook message even though your outlook is closed.

Hope your not having multiple account if yes/not then pass any one account in the input account field of "Send Outlook messages" and give a try.

No we can not because they are using Interop outlook and for this outlook session should be open and it does not work for me and you will always get above error.


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I am using send outlook mail message but cannot find a way to set the email id and pass.

@Arushi In Send outlook mail activity u doesn’t need to set mail id and password. It takes default account in your system for sending emails.