How to send an outlook mail in UiPath

Actually iam working in production how to send a outlook mail in UiPath here i can’t keep my outlook account opened so i there any alterenate way to achive this

Hi @naveen5

You can use the send outlook mail message activity in UiPath.

For ref:
How to Send Outlook Emails in UiPath Tutorial (

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Hi @naveen5

May be you can use Send Outlook Mail Message or Send SMTP Mail Message


In case of Send SMTP Mail Message please give Port Number as 587 and server name as Please specify the email ID and password as required.

This error is coming what is it

Hi @naveen5

If you cannot keep your Outlook account opened during the execution, you need to consider using the SMTP server to send emails.

Use Send SMTP Mail Message activity.

Port: 587

Hi @naveen5

Go to property of Send Outlook Mail Message activity and give “TimeoutMS” value more than a lakh and try, It will work.
For Example:
TimeoutMS: 200000

& also disable the programmatic access security, Set it to never warn

For ref: Program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf - Outlook | Microsoft Learn

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iam getting this error now


Check this thread, it might helps you

its not downloading properly can please share again

iam not able select the option which you had told me

Run outlook as admin also send screenshot of properties panel of send outlook mail message activity

Screenshot 2024-02-15 135520

Send outlook mail message properties panel screenshot. This is SMTP. For SMTP you should ask your company for smtp server adress & port. In outlook mail message you don’t need these details.

its working in my laptop i want to create like this way in my client RDP vmware this flow so how there i can’t install the outlook desktop app over there ?

i want create this workflow without setup the outlook mail account in my client server how to do this

Ask client for SMTP details like port & server.

iam getting this error sir

Hi @naveen5

The error seems like port or server address is incorrect please check that

yea for changing server and port number this error is coming even i changed the trust center setting of my outlook mail

please hep on this sir