Send outlook mail message through UiPath

I want to send outlook mail through UiPath by using Send outlook mail message but I am getting this error .Can anybody pls help me?Screenshot (40)

Hi @Megha_Kosta1 ,

Outlook client already installed right?

Yes, Installed Outlook

Hello @Megha_Kosta1 ,

What version of Outlook you have it installed?



Hi @Megha_Kosta1

Is the outlook opened when you running the workflow, because it will have to be opened …thanks

Yes it was opened.

Hello @Megha_Kosta1 ,

Did you verified if Programatic Access Security is disabled?

I hope it helps.


Yes disabled

Hello @Megha_Kosta1 ,

You can try the followings:

Use Exchange activity:

Or try using UiPath/Outlook with Run as Amdinistrator

Or try to repair your Office/Outlook installation

Or verify the Event logs from your local machine

Or get in contact with your Local IT to see if there are some policies, if is a company laptop.

I hope it helps.


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Send Outlook Mail Message: We need to know who to send this to. Make sure you enter at least one name.

Please help me to solve the error

The error message is telling you what’s wrong. You have to tell it who to send to.

Anyway, Send SMTP Mail Message is generally more reliable than Send Outlook. Have you tried Send SMTP Mail Message?