How to send email from orchestrator?

can someone guid me how i can store email address in orchestrator and send email from studio

Hi @imumeriqbal
If you want to store your email address in orchestrator, Create an asset in orchestrator.

In studio use Get Asset activity


if i have 2 emails

U can create 2 assets in the orchestrator and then use the “Get asset” activity twice in the studio

You can store them in one Asset as a string like this:,

Then in your code you can either use that string (Get Asset) directly in the To of a send email activity, or if you need to split them up you can use Split.

Hi @imumeriqbal

You can add the mail id in Assets in the Orchestrator. The asset are used to store the text data. You can get the asset value by using Get Asset activity. In Get activity you can create a Variable in that variable all the data is included and you can pass that variable in that workflow.
If you want to store two mail id’s you can create two assets and name the assets as MailID1 and MailID2.

Note : If you want to change the Mail Id’s in the assets, you can directly login to Orchestrator go to assets and edit there.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @imumeriqbal
If you have two or more mails then give one asset as each mail separated by ; (Semi colon)


I hope it helps!!