How i can store arguments in assets and and use in studio or orchestrator?

can someone help me how i can store arguments in assets and and use in studio or orchestrator?


@imumeriqbal which type of arguments you want to store in Assets


Add an asset say name…and give a value…

And in your studio use get asset and gice the asset name as "name" and then in the field of value create a variable whiche ill have the value you give in the asset


like i want to update timesheet to its probably integer type

Hi @imumeriqbal
In Orchestrator you have to store arguments in assets like

In studio by using Get Asset activity to use

I hope it helps!!

i have monday to friday timesheet so which approch i need to used or

@Anil_G like i want to use assets for manage timesheet monday to friday
you mean i need to create 5 asset with the days name monday tuesday wedness day if yes which approch i need to use

@imumeriqbal your question is not clear, provide more information then it will be easier for us to resolve the issue.
If you are asking about storing the time sheet names in assets or anything


Can you tell how you are planning to use the asset…ideally if its monday to friday all values then directly have them in your code only…as there would not bw any change …or are you planning to do a ny change…can you detail more on the requirement


like my requirment is i need to create monday to tuesday argument in asset and use in studio or assets like variable


What you mean by create argument…

What will you do with it

To explain…assets are like environment or external variables which will help you in passing the value from orchestrator to the studio…instead of changing the values in studio code


@imumeriqbal you can store any data in the variable by creating a asset in the orchestrator.
Use the Get asset activity and create the variable, the asset data is stored in that variable.
You can pass the variable across the workflow.

Hope it helps!!

You use Get Asset, not Get Text

Yes @postwick it’s my mistake, Thank you for correction.