Email sent by studio but not sent by orchestrator

I have a process that use credentials and assets in orchestrator.
When I run by studio, the email is sent, but when I publish in orchestrator, the email do not sent and generate an error that I can not see in debug mode.

Please do post the error message - otherwise we’d be guessing what the problem is about. Also share what method you are sending the email (Outlook, SMTP, O365, Gmail, …).

Hello @Thiago_INF2007 Welcome to the UiPath Community Forum.

Here are some causes for the issue:

  1. Email Server Settings: Ensure that the email server settings are correct and that the email server is properly configured. You can verify this by going to the “Settings” page in Orchestrator, selecting “Mail”, and checking that the SMTP settings are correct.
  2. Email Delivery Settings: Check if the email delivery settings are properly configured in Orchestrator. This includes verifying the SMTP server, port, username, and password
  3. Email Activity Execution: It’s possible that the email activity is not being executed when the process is run from Orchestrator. You can check this by reviewing the logs in Orchestrator for any errors or warnings related to the email activity.
  4. Email Credentials and Assets: If you’re using credentials and assets stored in Orchestrator for the email activity, ensure that these are correctly configured and accessible by the process when it’s run from Orchestrator.
  5. Email Alerts Configuration: If you’re relying on Orchestrator to send email alerts, ensure that these are properly configured. This includes setting up the SMTP server for email notifications and enabling the necessary alert types.
  6. Permissions: Ensure that the robot has the necessary permissions to execute the email activity when the process is run from Orchestrator.

Apart from these, can you please attach your unattended log and also verify if the SMTP port are allowed inbound/outbound on unattended bot machine. If you are using MS package, then there might be different issues.

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