Send emails to different email address based on user

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Suppose I have developed an attended bot that will send a mail at the end of the process. The bot will be used by multiple users. So each users email will be different. What would be the approach to follow to send email to the mail of the user running the bot?

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you can do this by using variables create a variable string type and pass the mail ids like this “;;” so on…

or else

use build data table and crate a column as Mail and create rows as mails and create variable as maildt pass this in To field



In that case use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL activity
Where outlook activity will pick the user name from the machine itself if that machine is installed with outlook

So any user can use it and they will be able to send the mail from their mailbox

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is there any restriction like we have to send email by using the current user logged into that machine.

In our organization we have resolved this issue by created one generic user and we have given this generic user access to all the users who wants to login to the machine and irrespective of user we can send email from generic email id. please give it a thought. thanks.

Please note that this would be the solution we are using for send exchange email activity.


My question is like how to supply a different to email address based on the user running the bot.

Use a SWITCH CASE in that case

Where use a condition like this

Now in case mention all the user names whom you feel will be using the workflow

When they run the bot, switch will move to the respective case with the username and executes the sequence inside that case


Okay thanks so much. Is there any way to handle this in orchestrator.

Okay got it… There is a robot asset value create option in orchestrator.thus will fulfill the need I Guess.

Give a try and let know for any issue