Maintain Email IDs in orchestrator asset

Hi friends

can we maintain Email IDs in orchestrator asset . if yes, how can we maintain?

Because my process result has to be sent to that particular bot’s email address.

More than 5 bots will be running the same process. so i need to specify the emailIDs for bots to send the result.

@oshan If you are using the RE Framework, The Retrieving of Asset Values are done in the InitAllSettings and the Values can be accessed using the Config Dictionary. You need to Set the Asset name and the Value in Orchestrator, and assign a Key to the Asset name in the Config file. You can also chose which Robots needs to get the asset values


Thank you so much… i use RE framework. I will try this :slight_smile: is there any other better way to maintain robot specific email IDs ? or maintaining it in orchestrator asset - text is the only best way to do it?

Hi @oshan
Yes we can maintain more than one email id with comma separated with text. Or we can assign the value as Value per bot Global variable which is assigned value per each bot. Please go through the below query for Value per bot concept.


@oshan I think you can also refer this Post

A detailed explanation of how the Orchestrator Assets and Values are connected to the Config File has been given.