Email to End User After each run

Dear UIPath experts,

I am trying to send a simple email at the end of each BOT execution.
However I do not have an email lists of static users, BOT will need to find the user who has started the job from orchestrator and email only that user.

Is this possible to acheive please? - thank you for your read :slight_smile:

Hi @Saurabh_Grover ,

Pass your arguments to the process from Orchestrator, whenever person run the job he/she have to put their email id in the argument and bot will pick from there.

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i will try this in the code, But actually orchestrator already stores there user ID + email address when you see the same in logs, do they really need to enter the email address again or can we get the stored credentials as argument from orchestrator and run in the BOT
If so i will be very thank ful if you can help me “How”? - Thanks

Hi @Saurabh_Grover ,

You can pass it from Orchestrator when you create Schedules for the process.

You have to create one in_Argument in Main workflow and this will auto reflected as an argument.

And i believe bot only stores machine name in logs on which it get triggered not user id and email, correct me if i am wrong?.

Yeah it can be through orchestrator API
We need to get all the details of the User whoever triggers that process and from there we need to fetch and send mail across
Provided this can be done only if individual users are given access to the orchestrator

I think it’s way more complicating the process
To take it very simple I would even suggest the same way of mentioning the mail I’d as in argument whenever the bot is triggered from orchestrator

So the easy way would be by just adding a IN Argument and a SEND MAIL Activity atlast of the process

—creating a IN argument in the MAIN xaml of the project
—the reason why to create in MAIN is only then it will reflect in orchestrator as in argument every time when u r about to trigger the bot
—at last to the end of the process include a SEND MAIL activity and it will send the mail to the specific user

Cheers @Saurabh_Grover

Thank you Palan, i will try this as a process but looks like it works - thanks

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