How to select Multiple answer?

Hello, guys,
How can select multiple answers.?
here I have attached my screenshot.

Thanks in Advanced



I assume you want to select multiple response, Manually can you do this via Ctrl and Clicking each item?

If is, use type into - ([d(ctrl)])
Then click each item
Then Type into again ([u(ctrl)])

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Hi @TimK thank you for Ur response.
i will get only some of answer by work queue. depends on that i have to select same answer in my work flow so i can i automate that?


Hi @ankur1984

Have you checked each and every response like sky sports,sky cinema etc selector
is it dynamic ?
Please do show the example based on that we can iterate and select it

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2 yes i checked it’s not dynamic.


Just do a for each item in the list and click each one and if the selectors are not unique then you may need to click visible text.

Hi @TimK can you please explain in details or Can you make a workflow for that?