Click multiple lines in one go

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I know it sounds like a contradiction to sequential nature of activities, but I am wondering if clicking several lines is possible with one action. I want to avoid looping, instead I need to click on all items having status Submitted. Do you think its possible? I tried Click and removing references to lines with wildcards, then select multiple items but neither work for me.


Click actions is like if you were to click with your mouse, so since you can’t perform a click on multiple things at once with a mouse, you can’t do this with UiPath.

Now, some things can be selected by using Set Attribute, but still you can’t do this for a group of elements. Even if you programmed portal interaction through other languages like vba or whatever, you would need to go through each element and change its attribute or perform the click action, which requires a loop (although much faster in those other coding methods).

If it’s a speed issue, you could try changing the DelayAfter and DelayBefore to 0. The default delay is a little slower.

Those were my thoughts on this, but I do like the idea of being able to perform a group of actions at the same time. You could play with an Invoke inside the Parallel activity to see if you can Invoke multiple clicks… however, I don’t know if it’s really worth it. EDIT: or maybe this can be an idea for an activity that performs an action on a list of elements

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There are inherent limitations with click activity. It’s not possible to click 2+ places at once as a person, so how would a robot or other software do it?

If you are talking about click + drag that a mouse does, then yes that’s possible, but wouldn’t be great to have a robot do it. Too much variability on how many pixels the mouse needs to be dragged, etc.

If you are tlaking about selecting multiple items sequentially, how does a person do it today? If it is click, ctrl+click, ctrl+click, etc. Then why not have the robot replicate that? It should be so fast that it seems instantaneous if you are able to use simulate click for this. Still quite a bit faster than a human if you use the normal/standard hardware click with the robot.

As Clayton mentioned, if you’re just looking to select certain items, that’s different than clicking, and it is certainly possible to select 2+ things at once, but that depends on the software you’re interacting with and the specific items you are trying to select.

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