Unable to select drop down item after trying multiple selectors

Hi all,

I am facing difficulties in selecting a value from a drop down button.

Please, can anybody help me resolve it. I have edited and assigned multiple selectors to do it but the problem still persists.

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Main_MoneySQ - Property Valuation.xaml (78.6 KB)

Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)

your type into cannot be simulate type and there should be delay between keys while entering the dropdown value since the dropdown is loaded dynamically on keypress.
Also, the selection item in the dropdown need to have search name.
Attached is a modified workflow.

Main_MoneySQ - Property Valuation.xaml (78.7 KB)

Hi all,

Can you help me fix my flaws in the workflow design. Please also refer to the excel sheet attached previously.

I am unable to capture drop down item after editing the selectors multiple times and selecting different click and select item activites?

Take a look at it again:
Main_MoneySQ - Property Valuation.xaml (74.3 KB)

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The message is self explanatory, the selector you have referred is not found which could be due dynamic selector ie selector (id, name…) changes during each page load. So “click image” is a better solution in this case.

The error thrown is for your next selector. Only Your dynamic dropdown list issue is resolved in the workflow I’ve given! You need to debug and fix more issues. There are issues with other selectors in your workflow.

@bogdanripa @ClaytonM @mdelles @aksh1yadav @neonova

Main_MoneySQ - Property Valuation.xaml (77.4 KB)

Please can you help me fix the flaws in my workflow design?Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)