Select multiple item with "Select Item"


Is it possible to choose mutiple items in comboBox with the “select item” ?
I tried “+” and “&” but were not successful.

Thanks !

No. Select Item works via API (Simulate Type). Selecting multiple items can be done only via mouse click (Hardware Events)

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we should add multiple select support sometimes …

Hello @Netoun

With Uipath 2017.1.* version you will be able to select mulitple items by using “Select multiple” Activity. you have to pass an array of element which you wanna select.



For now, select multiple works only for web pages. We are working on adding support for other type of applications in the next service pack release.



Really a great update. Thanks @adrian

Select multiple items doesn’t work well for me - for some reason when I use it, it keeps scrolling the page down and then clicking outside the box, which returns an error. In fact, I can’t seem to find any solution to clicking tick boxes in a web form that works. Seems very basic but everything I try has these kinds of quirks and can’t be used :frowning:

EDIT: Reboot fixed scrolling problem (!) but still can’t get it working, I always get “Attribute not supported by the current UiNode” when I try to use it.

As far as I understand you are dealing with checkboxes and not items inside a list-box / combo box?
If that’s the case you should use the “Check” activity which does exactly that.