How to select a button automatically, if that button have multiple option which is repeated in random flow?

I want to automatically select button using uipath. The problem is the button shows multiple select options randomly in the workflow. How to tackle this?.

Thank you

@ANTONY_JOSEPH Can you give us an Example of What you want to do :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the reply. I cant show you the screenshot, since it contain some confidential things. I will explain the process.

  1. Login web page using username and password
  2. Select a button to download a file(Note: this a continuous process)
  3. In some cases whenever a click is made on the button, it shows multiple options showing “do you want to download multiple files” on button., I want to make the click automated whenever option is displayed in button.

Thank you

@ANTONY_JOSEPH In that case you can use Element Exists and Check if it Exists, if it is Present Click on “ok” , In this way Everytime this happens it will be handled

Thank you

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