How to select invisible elements from webpage


I have to select proper selector to select team which is not visible on screen but scn be visible after scrolling.
How can i click on that team name which is invisible/able to see when we scroll.
My selector is properly working when i scroll but not working when it is invisible.
Even i tried wit stimulation clicked check and that is also not working.
Check this screen shot where team names are more in numbers with scroll option.

I have to select this team according to my data in excel which can be seen only after scrolling and if it is visible like this slector is working fine.

how can i select team if it is not visible because i have to perform certen actions also after selecting.
Kindly help for same .

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Hello @Mathkar_kunal,

You can use Set Focus Activity and indicate on the Text which you are trying to click .


Checked not working

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can you show us the selector?

here is the selector

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What’s the error here?

not error but the element which i have to find is not visible only after scrolling it is getting and i have to perform actions on that team name .
so set focus also not working if element is not visible if it is in down.

@Mathkar_kunal I hope you solved the problem. If not, this thread might be useful: Simulate mouse scroll

Moreover, a mouse scroll activity will arrive soon in StudioX to help you with this use case.

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thanks for comment. i solved by some other method still i will check this thread i face similar kind of issue

Hi @gheorghestan
Please kindly let me know when a mouse scroll activity is deployed.

@Sidney, the first version of the MouseScroll activity is available in UIAutomation 21.8-preview. An improved version is going to be released in 21.10 LTS. Enjoy and don’t forget to provide feedback ;).

Best regards,

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Hi @gheorghestan
Thank you for your reply!
I understood. I’m looking forward to using new version.
And I never forget to provide feedback.


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