Unable to select proper selector for team


i have to select perfect team name which is present in excel ,for selecting i have to click on arrow before the team.Probem is there are many team names and that arrow selector not even containing team name.So how can i select perfect team name from list.Unable to seach also in team name section.
How can i select a perfect selector so team name also get included .(i am getting team name in variable from excel).
check this screeenshots.

Kindly help me for the same.

use Open Ui Explorer and try to tweak the selector by adding more values from the ones you will see unselected on the right panel.

Yes checked team name is not there like as image ES Repsol / ABS

i don’t understand, can you post a picture after you open the Ui Explorer?

Check this.

for each option on the left you have several options on the right panel. this way you can tweak the selector to be more efficient. one of the many from the left should contain the exact team name on the right. if not try to select the again the object


U can try this way too

Use css selector approach

Css selector helps to select the element based on unique attributes present in the element.

So u can find there that each differs based on option name , so use that one.


Open UIExplorere ->click UIFramework->click Active Accessibility → indicate element
And see the result on UI Explorer.


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yes checked but not selecting when it is down

checked by selecting uiframework but not working