Issue in desktop application click

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue related to click activity.
I have a desktop application and i need to select some name from that screen. It’s having more than 100 names i need to scroll it to down till it visible but i don’t know how to stop it when the name is visible in screen.
In background selector is working but unable to click because it’s somewhere down. My click activity works only when the specific name visible on screen. Can anyone help me how solve this.


Follow the steps

  1. Do while loop with condition as true and a max iteration value for safety in properties panle
  2. Check app state inside for the click you want to do
  3. On the found or then side use click and then break activity
  4. On else side use mouse scroll activity


Hi @Anil_G actually when I use elementexist selector is validating. Even my click also validating and it’s not able to click because the specific name is scroll bar some where middle. But i need scroll that bar till my specified name visibility


In check app state you have an option to check for visibility as well

If you are using classic then use find element activity which will find only if visible

If using find element then use it in try catch as it will fail if the element is not visible


Hi @Learner007

Can you try like this,

Text Exists - Your text + indicate the screen
Click scroll - Scroll button indicate
Find Text position - Indicate the screen + your text
Click - Find text variable pass in the element(Uielement)


Hi @Gowtham_krishnan i will try this and will update you.

Hi @Gowtham_krishnan this not helpful i tried this this is not working even if select the perticular text also it’s not able to identify

Hi @Anil_G i tried find element after that I used get attribute to get the extracted value but I’m unable to get the output because in my selector i don’t have aaname it’s having Name. Because of that I’m unable to get output. Is there any way to get the output with NAME in selector


Name also can be used

Or can use get visible text activity.


Sure @Anil_G will try that

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Hi @Anil_G can you tell me how can we use name.


Did you happen to indicate element in ui explorer…did you find name there? If yes then use use check box beside it to select