Select non visible element

Hello friends, (@rkrishnat, @Ninett_Panfir, @Rammohan91, @balupad14, @Mahesh_Lakshmipathy, @loginerror ),

how is it possible to click on a selector not visible in the page?

Is it compulsaory to see the element?
Thank you so much,
Camilla :slight_smile:

Yes, element should be visible.

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Thank you @skini76.
Only by using PageDown?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Try Simulate Click in the properties pane.

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Hey @CamiCat,

It should work even without simulate. If the selector is proper then i believe that the uipath will automatically scroll to make that element visible and then click it. If you simulate it then it wont scroll but it would still click it.

Rammohan B.

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Thank you so much @Rammohan91.
I’ll try and let you know.
Camilla :slight_smile:

@CamiCat as Rammohan said… it should work with out any issue… even though the element is at the bottom of the page… UiPath will recognize with out using Page Down or Page Up options…

Just make sure that element selector should be perfect.

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Selector is not working until it has the visibility…did any one found the solution one this.

Is it highlighting element when u are running the program

No Nived…its not highlighting…until I scroll to that particular element its not selecting or highlighted…

Can u show the selector?

Did u pass the variable which u want check dynamically to selector

Yes I did pass the variable and if it visible then only it will select the item else it will through an error.

the snaps which i shared doesn’t have variable its straight forward

Like can u show how u make ur selector dynamic

Because u can see there &# like terms which are not found there
, That’s s why selector couldn’t identify it

Can u which varible u are passing there

Are u passing description there to selector