Using HELPTEXT I want to type into

Im want to type into, but sometimes I need to scroll. But when I scroll it doesnt type into the immediate value after scroll.


try with type into with delay or try with below activity

Use set text activity


Use mouse scroll activity
then use type into activity

Hope it helps

Hi @Usha_Jyothi @Shiva_Nikhil
So actually the flow is in this way
We have passed selectors in separate sheet and inputs in separate sheet
So the flow goes likes
Step 1
The box will be enabled or disabled
IT wil enabled it will type.
Disabled it will click on “+”. Click on upper panel document and then we can type.

We were successfully able to do if and else part both, but the problem is in “Else” was actually when we scroll. It tries to scroll to the immediate value but somehow it is not visible and it tries to perform then we added delay but to no good.

How should we fix it.
This is the reference image.

when you are clicking on + please check what is happening manually
if the page is showing loading then use wait for vanish activity and capture that loading
or let me know what is happening after clicking on +

When we click on + we have to click on upper document instantly then the field will open.

I think when you click on the document it is taking some invisible actions
check with Wait for ready time out in properties

So what is happening during scroll it the element is not visible it tries to perform action then.

When you click on + or document is the page loading or the page appearing immediately?

No it is there already, once we do that, the type field enables

In some applications some invisible elements will be present so that it is difficult to find the selectors.once inspect the page and check