How to select all and copy text from a webpage?

Hey guys, I want to input a control (down) + a + c + control (up) into a webpage, essentially wanting the bot to select all and them copy using keyboard commands. I’m coming from using AA so they have built in commands for this, just looking for UiPath’s equivalent, thanks.

May be this should likely help you.


Hey Andy, I’m actually at the step prior to what you mentioned; I’m trying to get the text onto the clipboard/ variable.

The issue I’m having is I want the bot to basically do a ‘select all + copy’, I’ve been able to do using get text or get full text (get visible text isn’t working) but the problem is the text that is extracted is the text on the screen plus the html text associated with it.

How do I get just the text that is actually on the screen (giving me the same results that a ‘control all + copy’ would get me)?

I was working on something similar. Therefore, I’ve attached the XAML. The result is shown in the screen shot below.

Here is a rough draft of how this works.

  1. Open this forum page in IE Browser
  2. Open an empty Notepad document - for this test, it must be the only notepad window on the desktop
  3. Run the XAML.
  4. It should select all the text on this page and paste it into the Notepad.

It won’t work the second time because the title of the Notepad window changes from
Untitled to *Untitled once text is pasted into it, indicating that the Notepad document is unsaved.

Therefore, close Notepad and open a new window each time before you test.

I hope this helps.Test_Select_All_And_Copy.xaml (8.3 KB)