Copying all text from a website using get text / get visible text?

Hey guys I’m new to Uipath and am assuming this should be a pretty simple thing, but for some reason I don’t know if I am applying the wrong tool. All I want to do is open a webpage (which I got fine) copy all the text off of it and pass that text to a variable. I’ve tried using the ‘Get Text’ and ‘Get Visible Text’ options and they don’t do anything when I run the program.

Basically just trying to get Uipath to do the equivalent of a user opening a webpage, selecting all and selecting copy – only in this case then copying that text to a variable that I have.

Hi @css,

If copying/pasting text from a webpage is all you want, it won’t be pretty but

  1. Add Open Browser activity and set the URL
  2. In the Do section, add a Send Hotkey activity with ctrl-A
  3. Add Copy Selected Text activity also in the Do section after Send Hotkey. Set your variable to the Result in properties.

That’s it. The Message Box is just for displaying what you captured.



Thanks Troy. One more thing, right now it is copying the text from the url, is there a way to target the actual webpage for the keystrokes?


You can use Attach Browser Activity instead of Open Browser Activity.
You can directly send keystroke from Send Hotkey Activity to it. Please click “Indicate on screen”.