Copy Selected Text / Get from Clipboard in background (NOT)

Hi there,

In short: Is there a way to SELECT & COPY the visible text from a page AND run it in BACKGROUND?

I have tried with both methods to get the selected text from a web page - using attributes for running in background, into a variable. I have done lots of tests but it did not work.
When using Get from Clipboard I clean it before with String.Empty and use send hotkeys (or type into) to make Ctrl A and Ctrl C. And when I use Copy Selected Text I make sure to have the text selected and to have no other activities between (also initialized output variable to “”). I used SendWindowMessages to make it run in background.

I also checked my selector for the page and also tested my attach browser activity by using a random click (in background too) to be sure that page is activated and bring it in front (when running in background).

The most reliable (but NOT for background running) was Get from Clipboard.

Is there a way to select and copy a text from a web page and to make it run in background?

Please advise!

Thank you!

Palaniyappan can you please try and help? Thank you!

this looks like a fun riddle! Can you provide me with some webpage to test against?
For background activities I’ve got a hunch that the HTTP Request activity combined with some parsing rules might do the trick.

Can you try on LinkedIn? :smile: If not, then pick one and give it a shot, please!