How to scrape DataTable in While Loop

How can I scrape DataTable after type in different input?
I just always get the same output even I changed the input value, how to make it dynamic?
Thank you!


Can you share few screenshots which you trying to scrape also share the URL if it is public website


Hi @SuperB1
In my knowledge data Scrapping will work dynamically by itself

is that right ? @manish_patel Correct me if iam wrong

first make the scraping selector dynamic (if you don’t know how to make it dynamic just share the screenshot i’ll guide you)

use clear data table activity at the end of the loop

it will clear data table and again add new data to the datatable

Hi @manish_patel ,

I’m facing the same situation, here is my workflow but the output turns out empty.
Could you please help me to see what is happening out there? Thankyou!!

AmazonScrap.xaml (17.3 KB)