Dynamic data table scraping

Hello dear friends.
in one web page there is a data table that is dynamically showing new data,
so i want to check when ever this data comes to data table it will be get the row information together how can i do it with data scraping,
every day row of this table will be different also the time will be different

@Hamidy1667 If the Headers are the same, Check if Data Scraping works.

@supermanPunch yes they are same, but i want to know after data scraping how to check if that cell have value or not and if true write that row to text and do as loop until all row done
i have workflow if you can check it

@Hamidy1667 After Data Scraping, use a Message Box to Check the Number of Rows present in the ExtractedDatatable, in this way ExtractedDatatable.Rows.Count.

If the Count is 0, It has not Extracted properly.

@supermanPunch no i meant in every row there is a cell that will get data along in day so when this data comes to table i want to copy the related row

i know i have to check if row contains somthing but i dont know how to say that exact column to check

@supermanPunch and also make it as loop so it can do it until all the rows finishesh, from start to end, and number of rows will change every day

@Hamidy1667 Don’t know exactly what you are referring :sweat_smile:, but if you want to Check if any row in the Datatable has certain value then you can do that After Data Scraping is done using the Datatable variable.

if you see the picture the cell i put red sign is empty but in an houre it will update with data so i want to get whole row that time, so it should check that cell if there is empty or not