Dynamic data extraction

Hello Team,
I’m using Data extraction(datatable) for extracting data from google,How can we create dynamic selector as per “Keyword” searched.
This is the dynamic data defination,

Please guide

@Mayyur Can you Explain a bit more as to what you want to make as Dynamic in the Table?

These are search results for “Copper Manufacturing”,
image ,
i have extracted “Name”,“Location” from these,
Now if i search for “Iron manufacturing”,data (“name”,“Location”) for search results must be extracted without a need to create or select elements again.

@Mayyur I tried to fetch the results of Data Scraping for both “Iron Manufacturing” and “Copper Manufacturing” without Selecting the Elements again, and it worked without any error as such. What was the Problem you had? Did you encounter any Errors?

Can you please send me the workflow,as it is not working for me and i have to recreate the data scraping workflow each time for new search

@Mayyur Are you using Open Browser or Attach Browser?

both…im using

@Mayyur Can you send your xaml?

@Mayyur Give a try on this, Check if this is What you needed
Main.xaml (11.5 KB)

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