Dynamic Datatable scraping

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I need some insights here where in one web page there is a data table that is dynamically showing new data, every time rows and columns of this table will be changing.
so i want to scrape the data when ever this data comes to data table it will be get the row and column information together. how can i do it with data scraping,

  1. Open the web page and navigate to the table that contains the dynamic data.
  2. Use the Data Scraping wizard: In UiPath Studio, use the Data Scraping wizard to select the table you want to extract data from. This will generate a data extraction activity in your workflow.
  3. Configure the Extract Structured Data activity: In the Extract Structured Data activity, configure the following properties:
  • Data Definition: Use the Data Scraping wizard output to define the data structure that you want to extract.
  • Target: Define the target variable to store the extracted data.
  • Output: Choose the output type that you want to use. You can choose to output the data to a DataTable variable, a JSON file, or an XML file.
  1. Use the While activity: Use the While activity to continuously check if the table has been updated with new data.
  2. Use the Element Exists activity: Use the Element Exists activity to check if the table contains new data. If the table contains new data, continue with the next steps.
  3. Extract the new data: Use the Data Scraping wizard again to extract the new data from the table.
  4. Append the new data to the existing DataTable: Use the Merge DataTable activity to append the new data to the existing DataTable variable.

I hope this steps will help you to extract the datatable data.

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can you check below video will be something similar

or try using for ui element and iterate through rows and extract each row


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I found solution partially

Thanks… I’ll go through this if my logic doesn’t works

Hi @Sailesh_Dutt_Padilam

Open UiPath Studio and create a new project or open an existing one. Use the “Attach Browser” activity to indicate the web page containing the data table. Set the “BrowserType” property to the appropriate browser you are using.Drag and drop the “Data Scraping” activity onto the sequence or flowchart. Indicate the first row of the data table by clicking on the “Indicate first row” button and selecting a row in the data table. The Data Scraping wizard will appear.

Follow the steps to configure the extraction:

a. Select the “Extract structured data” option.
b. Adjust the selection if needed to ensure the entire data table is included.
c. Click on “Next” and select the columns you want to extract from the data table.
d. Provide names for each column and specify their data types.
e. Click on “Finish” to complete the data scraping setup.

Add a loop or use appropriate activities to iterate over the extracted data, such as a “For Each Row” activity.