How to schedule the robot in orchestrator in azure VM?

Hello everyone,

I have a robot scheduled in orchestrator on my vm in azure cloud connected by remote desktop.

So the robot can execute successfully if I’m connected by remote desktop and I look at him (on my screen).

But I want a robot who can execute successfully if I’m not connected at the vm and I’m not look at him.

The robot had to be executed every day at 9am, he’s scheduled in orchestrator for it and the VM is scheduled in Azure for it. But if no one other computer start connecting to the VM with remote desktop for watching the robot, it can’t interract.

I’m with the community edition, do I need the enterprise edition for doing that ? No way to doing that with the community ?

Thank you

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Anyone for help ? I’m really stuck on this

I realize the robot can run in the VM if the VM is connected by remote desktop and in back ONLY IF the window of the VM is not in fullscreen.
If I do like that I can use my computer normally when the robot is running on the VM behind.

But this need always my computer open and I had to launch the VM by azure, launch Uipath in the VM and only after Orchestrator can do that alone. So it’s not full automated like I wanted.

Any clue for doing this right ?

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I don’t find any help about this specific problem in the UiPath academy or other sites like that.

Maybe it’s simple for one of you, if this person see how to fix it, it’ll be really helpfull for me.

Thank you

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Firstly i m really sorry that i dont have a AZURE VM to reproduce this
unless i do that i dont want to drift you around with suggestions,
thats why i wasnt able to answer this
may be many might have faced this
But i can tell you some suggestion that can give you a overview on this

yes we need to keep the server or machine ON only then orchestrator can connect to that machine with the credentials if mentioned
its like unless the machine is switched on we wont be able to work on it right thats how
But we dont need to be there like a attended robot, if its a unattended robot doing such process it can be ran even without your intervention still we need to keep it ON like connected always

hope this would help you buddy
kindly correct me if i m wrong
Cheers @Ludo.F

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Hey @Palaniyappan, thank you for your answer !

It’s fine if you doesn’t have an Azure vm, I think any vm connected by remote desktop can do the job, but I only use azure vm in my case.

My Azure VM is always connected for now (After I’ll try to stop it/start it at fixed time for reducing cost), but for now let’s keep in mind it’s always on (it will be more easy). So the only problem is even if the VM is ON, Orchestrator is ON for running on the VM if I (my personal computer) isn’t connected to the VM Uipath can’t interact.

Like I said before the only way I can made the VM working “alone” is if I just use the “windowed” screen of the VM (not reduce in task bar) and with this mode I can do other thing on my personal computer.

I’m almost sure it’s because I have the community edition but before buying the enterprise edition I have to be sure I can’t resolved my problem with community edition.

Keep me in touch if you don’t understand something in my use case or if something isn’t clear.


Hi @Ludo.F

Whenever you schedule a process, Orchestrator can RDP to the machine and ask the Robot on that machine to run it.

If you leave the user session active and disconnect from the VM, it will take over that active session. If you log-out the user, you will need an unattended robot on the machine to RDP to that specific user (this will only work on Enterprise install, because Community Edition robot installs per user and is not active when you log-out the user).

I hope this link can explain it a bit:

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Alright this work now ! I just had to set-up UiPath and the robot to launch at the launch of windows/the VM for being online.

Now I had to convince my enterprise to subscribe to the enterprise edition, maybe you can help me for that :wink:

Hi @Ludo.F
Facing same issues as you mentioned above in the Question!
Just wanted to know had you come up with the solution?
What answers did you get?
Also read answers but still confused!
Any help would be appreciated!