How to automate the "first connection" by RDP for connecting the robot to Orchestrator?

Hello everyone,

I need your help about a simple problem, maybe some of you already know how to solve it.

I have a robot working on a VM in Azure Cloud, I scheduled is launch every day at 8:50 and the VM start every day at 8:30 and stoping at 9:30.

In the VM I made a shortcut to the UiPath file of the robot for opening it at the start-up of Windows.

But the problem is, if nobody connect one time to the VM by RDP, the VM is “not really launched” so the Robot is offline in Orchestrator. If I (or someone else) connect to the VM (and doing nothing because it’s automated) it works but if no one connect to the VM at first, the robot is offline in Orchestrator.

So maybe you know how to make the VM really launched even if no one connect to it or how to made the robot online without a human help ?

Thank you.