Ways of using robot in cloud, VM (independently to my computer)


I’m new at the Orchestrator and I already scheduled robot to perform tasks on my computer, but I can’t use the computer while robot is doing it’s tasks.

What are the options when robot can perform tasks independently to my computer?
At the end want to schedule my robot once per night when my computer is turned off.
Are any cloud or VM options available by UiPath or do I need third party service for it? Which one is the best?

Thanks in advance.


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well you got the answer already
–yes we need a independent instance to run our process that we simulated
–because bot works likes a human, that is when a human is doing a process in a machine another human cant intervine with his process.
–so to avoid we can either use to schedule it to run when the machine is not used but not when TURNED OFF, again similar to human can we do a process without the machine is powered on, no isn’t it
–so i would suggest to have a separate INSTANCE to execute our process where no one will interupt the process and will run at any time we need on adhoc or on scheduled way…

hope this would help you
Cheers @Bojan_Tomsic