Save into desktop error instead of a specific directory

Hi guys,

I am doing the 2nd assignment of level 3 of UiPath Academy, and I am getting the following error.

I have a variable ReportFilePath that has a value of Path.Combine(in_ReportsDownloadPath,“Report-”+in_TaxID+"-"+in_Year+"-"+month+".csv") where the in_ReportsDownloadPath is the address that I want to save the document.

The message printed is correct so it is extracting the value properly. However, instead of saving the file into in_ReportsDownloadPath it is saving (and I don’t know why) into Desktop. In addition, it should name the file as “Report-” + in_TaxID + “-” + “in_Year”+"-"+month+".csv" but it still saving the default name of the document.

Can someone help?

Thank you.

@Fer The way in which you are saving the file may have to be changed.

@supermanPunch, what do you mean? When i go into the local panel, it seems to create double slash into in_ReportsDownloadPath. Why is it happening?

@Fer Are you able to send the Screenshot? :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch, in this screenshot, it is printed the value of ReportFilePath.


The value of in_ReportsDownloadPath = C:\Users\xxx\Documents\UiPath\GenerateYearlyReportforVendor\Performer\Data\Temp

So my question is, why does it saves to desktop with the name of Report-RO094782-4 ?

@Fer Have you tried this Manually and checked it works?

@supermanPunch, basically I had used the move file activity, and is doing it properly. I still don’t know why it is saving into desktop or download folder as I am saving into the folder I want. Anyway, thank you for your help.