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I am trying to indicate pathway to save file in my file explorer using type into. there is a variable assigned to a folder so pathway looks like
“S:\Quality Control Management\Supplier Reporting\SQAM NC QIRs\2018\QIR PDFs"+fileName.ToString+”"

It gives me “C:\exec\xxxx” error
please help


Could you please show me screenshot of that error and how you are passing into Type Into activity so that we can help you better in this.


Try this
“S:\Quality Control Management\Supplier Reporting\SQAM NC QIRs\2018\QIR PDFs\” + fileName +“.fileextension”
“Path\” + fileName + “.file extension”

it gives me error C:\Windows\System32\control.exe



Why are you typing path in the above indicated window?

Type it under Filename field and check once.


See here Drive is missing.

I’m not sure i understand. i am typing path name into the file explorer using typeinto. I have defined fileName as a separate variable that is changing about 100 times

Use type into activity here

Where it asks for the attachment to save, not above search path

where is that screenshot from?
This is what prompts up when i save file

Yeah…indicate type into in the file name text box and give the command which I provided. It should work

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THANK YOU SO MUCH @Mamidi_Sravani

welcome :slight_smile:

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