How to run "Start Job" for designated Robot

I have two Unattended robot, robot01 and robot02, I schedule a job trigger to run process1 at robot01, and I schedule process2 to check whether process1 run successfully(per check queue count) after process1 completed, if queue.count=0, then use “Start Job” run process again, however, when I use “Start Job” activities, I cannot designated Robot01 to run process1 again, It seem that must allocate dynamically by system.
I need you help! thanks.
Remark: I’d like run all related process at robot01, because robot02 will run other process.

Hi @Lori I’m not sure if understood your problem.

In which process are you using the “start job” activity?

Why would you have a second automation to check if the first automation ran successfully? That’s what error handling inside the first automation is for, and what flow design is for. The first automation should run until the queue is empty and notify that it stopped because the queue is empty, and if it encounters an error it should notify for that and stop gracefully.

In my scene, first run process1, then run process2, process2 will use “Start Job”!

Remark: Both process1 and process2 run at Robot01


ok, so … do you have both robot in the same environment? if not …maybe you could try creating different a environment for each robot.

If the main check is to find whether all queue items are processed then that doesn’t require a new process to validate rather we can do that check in the same process


Is there any other reason why you want to start the process again

And I would like to know how the flow goes and which process runs first and which is second

Cheers @Lori

Yes, have onw Production with two Unattended Robots, I’d like to trigger process1 and proess2 only run robot01.

Process1 summary:
1.Read OUMapping, each data row as out_transaction item
2.Open Oracle and submit request
3.Get Request ID and add queue.
process1 trigger at 1:00AM, then process 2 trigger at1:10AM

No other specific reason, did not want to enhancement process1, and find “Start job”, so ask help for forum expert.

So here in which process you want to have start job and what error you are currently facing with start job



I believe It’s because of underscore in your process name

Usually we used to mention ProcessName_EnvironmentName in start job activity

But as you have so many underscore in your ProcessName itself bot gets confused

Avoid underscore with your ProcessName
Because bot will take the term whatever kept next to underscore as its environment name

So remove underscore in name of the process you have and give a try

Cheers @Lori

That’s right @Lori

You cannot designate specific robot to run the process using start job. Instead, the job will trigger with the robot available in the environment that was configured during creating process in the Orchestrator


Start job only use display “process name” ,refer to the link:


Yeah, you are right, as you said, I find the configuration in the Orchestrator as below.

I got to see few mins before, if the name of the Package is InvoiceScan and you named the process Invoice Scanner, the string in this field should be Invoice Scanner.

Is it followed in same way



Thanks for you kindly help, the process run which robot depends on configuration in the Orchestrator。

Lorie … my suggestion in your case is create an environment where you have only one robot for that processes … somebody have the same problem and seems like he solve it doing that.

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