'StartJob' activity starts job at wrong robot


We have three main processes that we run one after another.
That’s why I created a fourth process (the umbrella process) that runs the other 3 using the StartJob activity, so that the employee only needs to start one process manually.

The employee uses an attended robot to start the umbrella process, but the other 3 processes are started at another robot. This is not okay because there is a message box that they don’t see because it is displayed on the wrong robot.

How can I make sure the process are started on the unattended robot and not on another one.



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Buddy @edward.hulleman

buddy make sure that the fourth process, i.e, the umberlla process is running in the same robot buddy, its in different robot, while the remaining are in different robots buddy…

i mean the first three process are in robot DEVRobot2, while the fourth process is in robot BankStatementRobot1 buddy @edward.hulleman

Make them same buddy, the reason is a machine can hold only one robot like wise a robot can be used by one machine unless it has different domain and username, like you can see here buddy @edward.hulleman
lets take the last two alone, a single machine can never get connected with two robots at a time (green tick mark), so they must be different machines thus running on different machines buddy @edward.hulleman , thats why you were not able to see the message box
so here you were having first three bots in different robots and the last as in different robot, thats why when you were running the fourth bot, the three remaining three got triggered in different machines and thus you were not able to see the message box buddy @edward.hulleman

The StartJob activity doesn’t trigger a process on a specific robot. This activity can be used to randomly trigger one or multiple bots coherently.

The other option you can use is triggering via API calls and starting job based on robot ID,
In this case, you have to Authenticate via API first, get the release key, find/get sessions, get the robotID and trigger process based on robotID.

Here is a reference link. (Multiple reference links inside it with more information)

Hope this helps.

were you able to run buddy… @edward.hulleman


assign only one bot(DEVRobot2) to the BankStatements environment, so all process will run in single bot(DEVRobot2) in that environment


So it seems this can only be accomplished with the activity, Start Job, if you create an Orchestrator Environment that contains only the processes involved with the sequence of jobs you’re trying to run.