How to Run attended robot sequentially with out manual triggering?

I have 6-7 process which needs to be executed one after the other. All these process are complex with big workflows and lots of variable used. I need to execute these process one after the other using single robot.

Please suggest how can I achieve this.

you can use Start Process at the end of the process 1

Start Process (

But I have four separate process(Project). How i can run sequtially?

Yes! I get it.

So, in your first project, at the end add a start process activity. That activity will trigger the another process on the same robot.

Make sure the robot has access to start a job, and also make sure the name should be “ProcessName_EbvironmentName” in the start process activity

Give it a try, that works smoothly!

Please share any example or tutorial for this. then i can understand clearly

Sure, i’ll send you the process showcasing this.

By that time you can use the start process activity once, just add a process name which is published on orchestraror and its environment in the format i sent above. Run the process and you’ll see some pointers there.

But in my case . I am not using orchestrator(Orchestrator not available).

so it’s a studio with stand alone license?

I’m afraid in that case we can not use start process but we can use command line script and run the bat file. Below link should help.

But How we run the all the process sequentially,

you can run the batch file at the end of the first process, just before your process1 ends, there just run this script with the value for process2 and hat will start the process2


Can I ask you one question here - what if one of the process failed to execute and still you want to execute next process or process should stop ?


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I think we may use RE framework. In end state We can call next process.

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