Start Process | From Process | Multiple Robots

Hello there,

We have two different processes, running on same environment.

Process 1: runs with 5 unattended robots (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5)
Process 2: runs with 1 unattended robot (R1 … who is part of Process 1 as well)

This is scheduled to run three times a day. Process 1 has to run first and Process 2 has to wait until Process 1 is completely done. Once Process 1 is done Process 2 has to start.

How do we accomplish this either with API or Schedule?

NOTE: In Process 1, R1 could finish first, and R2-5 could finish 3 min later. Process 2, R1 can’t start until R2-R5 is done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Need proven solution if possible. We will in mean time try scheduling Process 1 and Process 2 to see if it will start After R1 is done in Process 1 or it will wait until Process 1 is completely done.


With 2018, there is a Start Job activity. Have you considered programming Process 1 to start Process 2 after it is complete rather than relying on Orchestrator? Or even just Invoke the Workflow.

Just my thought. I’m not familiar with getting Processes to react with each other strictly from Orchestrator or API. Unless you were to choose a specific robot to run on which then could cause conflict if other jobs are using the robot.

I have - but that will not work - because which of the 5 robots should have start job?
Remember, Process 2 can’t start until Process 1 is completely done.