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Question for the community… I’m attempting to use the “Start Job” activity found under Orchestrator - Jobs. It’s set up and starting the job as expected. My main questions is the, documentation leads me to to believe there is a way to start the new Job on the Robot running the process.

“Enables you to start a job on Orchestrator on a specified number of Robots. … The activity runs under the Robot which executes it.

When I run the process containing the “Start Job” activity, the process found in “ProcessName” of the “Start Job” properties panel starts on a random available robot. How does one set the process to run on a specific robot (I want the next Job to to start after first job finishes, on the same robot).

This activity is quite limited on that, you would need to use the Orchestrator API for that…

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Ahh, was hoping there was some secret sauce.

I wont go in that depth, ill just create some schedules to execute a few seconds after one another.

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@bcorrea To share some new knowledge… Just did some research on this and found this thread. A user made the suggestion to create a separate environment for the process with only the robot desired having access to that environment. Brilliant!

nice, we have a very content rich Forum here :slight_smile:

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That we do!

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