How to Record a button that disappears

I’m looking for the best solution to a problem I’m experiencing (as a newbie).
I’m using web Recorder, to record the steps I would take in my process so…
In UiPath I select Record Web then click on “Click UI Element” point to my own “name” on the chosen web page.
doing this fires some kind of code which displays something similar to a drop down box. However, as soon as I click on the recorder’s “Click UI Element” to click the next item, that drop down box disappears. I’ve looked at the videos on how to view the HTML and using F2 to pause the recording but I’m still having problems selecting the next element.

I looked at things like Elements -> Mouse -> Click etc. and a few videos but can’t find a way of capturing what’s needed. It’s almost like I need a button named “Click on the next two elements” or “Record the next top actions”.

Can anyone help - has anyone else had a similar issue they resolved?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Nick_Glover

Try Select Item activity, inside you give it the value that you want to be choosen!

Hope this helps ^^

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  1. Select Click Activity and click on the drop down box
  2. Select another Click Activity select indicate on screen and click F2(this will provide you the gap of 3 sec)
    3)now in this gap click on the drop down menu and on the drop down menu click and hold until the time gap of 3 seconds gets over. (left click)
  3. then release the mouse button you will see the drop down menu not vanishing and click on the element you want to select.

Hope this would be of help.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

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[SOLVED] Thanks to both mz3bel & ashley11.

Thank yo both so much, it working just as you said. :slight_smile: