UI recording and play back issues

Scenario: UI Recording and Playback

Steps to reproduce: Am using an internal site for recording and when I playback some fields are not recognized. Have gone through tutorials and tried multiple things with UI Explorer, Selector, Attaching live element. Some times it even throws error that the “UI Element is no longer Valid”.

Current Behavior: It’s inconsistent there are scenarios where it worked and it throws error some times.

Expected Behavior: Am simulating a click button function to add a new row. Tried the click function on the recording feature but it is not helping

Need to use proper activity to simulate the element.
As per you requirement you need to click a button .
So first tried to find the relative element next to it using find element/find image then perform the click even on the target element.

PS: regards to error" UI Element is no longer Valid" you just need to improvise selector attribute using UiExplorer no other choice. :frowning:

webctrl aaname=‘Save’ parentid=‘table_*’ tag=‘BUTTON’ type=‘button’ idx=‘13’

Above is the selector it is defining, works for 13th row. Need help on how to declare idx as wild card. If I manually change the number to 14 or so, it is working.

Its not good practices to use indexing idx in selector.
The best practice is to avoid dynamic tributes and make sure maximum you can use idx upto 2 not more than that.
Even parent table_* has dynamic attribute
Please try to add more static and reliable selector for error free execution

PS: if your row count are static then you can pass the variable int counter in idx=counter
and increase the counter

webctrl idx=‘2’ parentid=‘table_*’ tableRow=‘17’ tag=‘I’

The other option i see from the selector is above, and if i increment row values manually it works. how can i declare the tableRow as wildcard/variable, and what does tag=‘I’ represent please!!

If I increment the row value manually the save button works

whats the value of table row for which save button work?
Is that value remains same if not as mentioned above pass the variable in place of 17 and increase count

row count is not static, some I may need help on how to pass row count as variable. It detects the variable as string. Can you give me an example in above case please!!

You just has to pass "‘+variable+’"like this
“webctrl idx=‘2’ parentid=‘table_*’ tableRow='”+variable+“’ tag=‘I’ />”
use assign activity and pass the following to increase the counter.
int variable =variable +1
refer this

Please see the declaration and the error am landing, trying to work on assignment to declare the entire expression

don’t open the selector editor
from the property just remove the earlier selector and pass your new selector which has the variable within double quotes"".