Not able to find elements(Drop down)

As on the above image i am not able to select the drop down element.
I am using select item for this drop down so can you please suggest which activity should be work better?

If doesn’t work, you can try with two clicks: 1st to see the full drop-down, and then to click the one you want. Also, check selectors for some of the elements from the drop down and see if there’s anything that helps.

Try this.

Thank you for your Response,
I am able to click on the drop down with the help of click activity but when i am trying to capture elements from drop down then element get disappear.
So your suggestion won’t work here because not able to capture the drop down element.

Use recording, click the drop down, press F2 to pause the recording, and then when the pause stops, click on the element from the drop down.

Thanks this is working for me

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