How to readd "code" in UIExplorer

dear all, when using “UIExplorer” → “select relevant element”, when I click a web element, no selector “code” was captured. may I know how can I read the “code” in order to read the web element? thanks

Hey @MichaelC

Check this link : UiPath Essesntial Training - 4 3 Selectors

Have you completed RPA Training?

Please visit it Link,Will be so helpful for you. :slight_smile:


hi @aksh1yadav , I have watched the video and I am able to do the same using another computer. I guess is my computer which cannot show the bottom “code”. may I know if I shd change any settings in UIPath in order to show the “code” again? coz when I “open application” / click on web elements, it throws to an exception saying that “Selector not found”. much appreciated for your reply and thanks~

did you add UiPath chrome extension ?

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No [quote=“ddpadil, post:4, topic:3652, full:true”]
did you add UiPath chrome extension ?

No…i didn’t, but I’m using I.E., thanks for your reply~

In the image you are clicking on the <script>. <script> does not correspond to an UI element.

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do you mind trying with chrome and follow up extension and give a try.

it works now, [quote=“ddpadil, post:7, topic:3652, full:true”]
do you mind trying with chrome and follow up extension and give a try.

it works now, thanks!!

I would like to know how to amend the code of “Selector Editor” in order to select the web button (say click the calendar graphic)

  1. To select January - December:
  1. To click which date is to be selected, eg:, there are two “1”, representing 1 April and 1 May. May I know how to express my selection of “1 April” from Excel data to UIPath??

Click “1 April”

Click “1 May”

would like to know how to write the expression, like if Excel Cell A1 = “1 April 2017”, then click “1 April” in graphic Calendar by changing “Selector Editor”?

much appreciated and thanks~

i’m not sure exactly whats your requirement now.
But hope these legends may help you on this. @aksh1yadav @vvaidya :+1:

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not legend, just a normal user like you and still learning :slight_smile: :wink:

and will get back to you on this @MichaelC, busy with some stuff, hope some other will help you otherwise will get back to you in free time :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Are you able to directly enter the date into the textfield using Type Into activity without selecting the Calender Graphic.

thanks @aksh1yadav !!

hi @vvaidya, we cannot enter the date in textfield…so I’m thinking of how to read Excel cell and then amend “selector editor” in order to click that element in graphic form…

thanks all and have a nice weekend ahead

dear @vvaidya,

I just google a workaround of reading the “Selector editor” code. In excel, we can create drop-down Calendar from Excel cell.

can we use some function like, “Search and match” image function in UIPath so that when Excel show “24 April 2017”, it will generate graphic of Calendar highlighting “24” in April 2017 layout. and then match “24” with my web portal in order to select the same date as Excel?? sound like we can automate the Excel date to Web Calendar if we can match the image (although they are similar layout, but not the same content). really appreciated and thanks for the reply~

Image is not always accurate.How about this logic?

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