Selector not found exception I am getting

Hi everyone,
I am working on a poc for which I am using Uipath CE version. It was working fine till yesterday.Suddenly it is not able to detect element in IE/chrome browser . I thought may be browser got updated so it is nt able to detect the ui element. I tried reselecting the ui element which I think it shud work . But it is still now working and throwing uipath.core.selector not found exception . kindly help as I have demo in 2 days :frowning:

Hi @simadri,
Can you show screenshot of the error and the selector?

make sure the Extension is enable in crome,
can u please share the error screenshot.:slight_smile:

Hi thank u for ur reply.My uipath is not able to highlight the particular element instead it is highlighting the complete page. I dont think its uipath or browser issue cause I tried the same thing in my colleague’s system which is working fine . In Uiexplorer, under UI Frameworks I have selected UIAutomation . I even tried to highlight the element using f4.still it is selecting the complete page

can u share the screen shot of ur error.
enable the extension to crome or else try in IE browser

Have you got the UiPath extension installed in your browser?

Hi all, the issue is resolved now. What bothers me is it suddenly started highlighting each individually elements . I don’t understand how it happened. If we don’t have solution to it , we may face the same issue in future with no idea of how to resolve it and perhaps we have to wait for a miracle to work again . :thinking:

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