Can't choose selector - need help

I’m having trouble indicating elements in a sidebar of a webpage. It seems everything that falls within #Shadow-Root is not visible by Ui Explorer. How can I build selectors for those elements inside there?

Indicate Element can only highlight the entire sidebar of the webpage… cannot choose the individual element that I’m trying to get here (“Application Sent” yellow tag text - however I will need to copy a similar pattern to also click other buttons once I can master this one)

How it looks in Chrome developer… I’m sure there’s something here I could copy into Ui Explorer to make it work… but not sure how to construct it

I noticed that UiExplorer only finds everything before and after the Shadow Root block here…


Hi @Jon_G

Can you try with Click Image instead of click activity


Trying everything possible to avoid Click Image activities, as they are so unreliable

I’m using click images to automate stuff on Facebook (since Facebook changes selectors a lot) and it works well

Have you tried with Click Image activity @Jon_G


Which version of UiAutomation.Activites package do you use?
If possible, can you try to upgrade it to the latest?


Newer versions of UiPath would be able to choose the shadow dom selectors, but in the legacy version, my only solution was to inject javascript and code the clicks myself using js.

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