UiExplorer - "The changes made the selector invalid"



Hi all,

Since updating to UiPath 2017 I’ve been having this issue - whenever I try to change a selector using UiExplorer I get the following popup:

“The changes made the selector invalid”

And the value of the selector in the text window doesn’t update. Even if I put it back to it’s original state I get this popup error. I am using Chrome Browser. When I try to use IE, I can’t even select the element (I get “the UiElement is no longer valid”)

It’s probably pilot error, but I’m wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Sample case: Open browser at “www.daft.ie” and try to use “click text OCR” on the header bar with “For Sale, To Rent, Sharing, Commercial, More”, then to update the selector via UiPath.


I am also getting same error
@pduffy.Did you get the solution to this error.