How to read and use syntax


I am new to RPA. I don’t have any IT background and I took the RPA associate test. I did not pass. I have trouble with syntax and expressions. I have youtube/googled the basics but apparently that was not enough to pass the text. What can I do to learn more?

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I’d suggest you take a look at the courses available for free at over other free resources and once you finish studying a topic say, Excel manipulation, practice it until you feel you’re confident enough.

You don’t have to purchase any license to practice. UiPath Studio Community is available for free and if you get stuck, seek help! So many awesome people are here in the community to help you out!

And, don’t worry that you didn’t pass the test this time! I’m sure you are going to score a 100, next time!


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thank you…I did the courses already but I will practice with workflows more. Using variables and using expressions was very difficult for me due to no IT background and so I am trying to learn that to better understand what happens in the workflow.

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You can do it, just slow and steady and you will make it :slight_smile:

I am no guru but working on little bits all the time.

I would strongly recommend this YouTube playlist and the channel - UiPath Tutorial: The basics for beginners. There are 12 tutorials and more being added by the creator @AndersJensen.

I have personally have learnt a lot from this YouTube channel :smiley:

Cheers Steve

Take a look at this post where I have expanded on some general tips that helped me in UiPath


Thanks for the encouragement. I will check the tutorial and give it a try.

Very much appreciate the help.



Hey Asha. As Steven mentions I have made an entire 2+ hours Beginners Tutorial, which will teach you about the basics in UiPath. If you do watch it, you can just ask me, whenever you get in doubt. Either directly at the videos or here in this thread/forum. I try to answer most of the questions. Especially if they are specific instead of “can you build a robot for me” :blush: Let us know, how you progress. Kind regards, Anders

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Thank you! I am going through the tutorials now and they are really good and easy to understand.
I am having trouble with using Excel with UiPath. I followed every step of your tutorial for Data Table but I was getting system error stating that my Excel file is empty. So I am stuck trying to figure this out.

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I am so grateful for you sharing these tutorials. I have actually learned so much regarding workflow and reasoning behind all steps. I think UiPath should share these tutorials in their learning classes for beginners. Thank you.

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How can I get Excel to respond with UiPath using Excel Application Scope? I have downloaded Excel workbook and MS Excel 2010. They both open on my computer but neither one responds to my workflows.