Please advise

Hello All,

I am new to UiPath and a very beginner in programming. Please advise where I can learn to develop code for data manipulation like below.


I have completed below UiPath beginner course from Udemy but finding it difficult to develop the code like above.

Any suggestions or help will be highly appreciated!

Hi @jain.vikas,

Goto “” and complete foundation ,Orchestrator and advance to have a complete knowledge about UiPath

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To split the variables

Hi Krishna.

Thank you for your response. Learning UiPath is not an issue. Please suggest from where I can learn to develop the code which will be used in UiPath.

Thanks again!

Hi @jain.vikas ,
Go through .net and C# basics .Will be more than enough to start and later on with hands on experience you can acquire more knowledge


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With time you will get to know while solving and practicing . e.g string operations

Thank you so much :slight_smile: