New to RPA and UIPath

Hello Team,

I am new to RPA , i would like to know if any specific coding language knowledge is mandatory ,
Please let me know so that i can learn those also in parallel.

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Hi! :slight_smile:

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Hi buddy @adisaphr

Welcome to UiPath community…
Really appreciating your initiative toward this… Great
Coming to the point, NO you don’t need to be a scholar in coding languages to learn uipath. But what uipath suggests is we need to be clear with some basic programming skills like looping, using conditions, strings and literals and how to use basic datatypes…simple…as it is meant to be…and if you have some competencies in c# and VB.Net languages, it would be helpful while going for advanced automation…

So i would recommend have some basic stuffs of c# or language that can help you handle some tricky data conversions and data usages…and if you learn it completely being said that you would like to do it in parallel, it would definitely take you to next level yes…say for example you can create your own activities(the one we are going to use it to automate our tasks in studio)…how amazing that would be isn’t…?

Set a vision buddy and i m sure you can do this…This community is waiting to get one more Robot Master…!

Cheers buddy…