How to publish a project with Excel files on the package



I’m developing a robot and this robot uses some Excel files and generic macros that are on the project file, so when the script call them it only takes the name of the file.

However this robot will be deployed on an orchestrator and I want to know if when I publish the package, the Excel files will be included on the package (because they are on the project file) and the robot could continue to use it directly (only putting the name of the file on excel scope) or I must to put it on another file in the machine and create a variable with the path?

Thanks for your response



Everything in the project folder is published, no matter what files these are.



If you publish the package with all files included, then there is no need of again creating variable for path. And this method is preferable, because in future there are less chances of someone damaging the data in the files.


Great! Thank you!



I tried to publish the project with excel file involved and it got published successfully and when I try to run from robot , it is giving me error C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects\ProjectName\lib\net45\excelfilename.xlsx is denied

What does this mean and how to solve this?

Vishal Kumar


Normal user accounts can’t modify files in ProgramData.
Are you by chance trying to write anything to that excel?
Can you do the same action with the same user credentials manually?



I am using Administrator user for the machine and yes I am writing the datatable into excel in the sequence

Vishal Kumar