Write to template Excel file at relative path

Hi all,

For several processes we use template Excel files with formulas, filters etc. to
write retrieved data in. At first, with Robot v2018.1, we weren’t able to write to these files when using relative paths and triggering the process from Orchestrator, but I recently tried again and this time it did work properly with Robot v2018.2!

I have read the documentation on publishing automation projects, which says files in a published package become read-only at runtime, while it does seem to work with Excel files.

Does anyone have a definitive answer?

Apologies in advance because I know this doesn’t answer your question! but I would always leave any package templates as the ‘master’ and when the automation needs to use a template it just creates a copy of the master to work on, which should also get around this problem I think

Nevertheless a good suggestion that I hadn’t thought of, thanks!