How to publish a process in other users assistant?


We have Enterprise licence. We have publish a process in Orchestrator, in our tenant and folder.

On local machine, User who have create and publish the process can view and execute it with Assistant. On his own machine or another one.

But… Any other users, who are affected on the tenant and folder, don’t see the process on there own Assistants.

Any idea please ? We have search a long time ago !


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Can they see the processes in orchestrator?

Check the same if not provide required access…

Did they try searching with process name in the assistant



Thanks for your help !

Yes, they can see it on there Orchestrators. Run is falling down because it is an Attended process.

But yes, they see it on Orchestrator in the tenant and folder.


Can you tell us how they are signed in using assistant…is it using a service url or is it using a machien key combination


Maybe it is important to say : when a user sign in on Assistant, he can see the process one second and argggg, the process disapear.

They use Service url.


For testing can you try using machine key and add one machine and see if the processes are visible…this is need if its a classic setup…for modern generally it is interactive sign in only

Also if they are corporate laptops are there any firewalls blocking it?

Can you try turning off or remove port 443

Also in the service url did you use the appropriate url ?


Arggg… I try to connect with Machine ID and Client ID and no more success :frowning:

I can’t turning off firewall because I’m in managed domain.

I think it’s not the firewall because when de User who have design the process is connected, he can see the process.

It’s incredible…

There is an other thing I don’t understand. Why try to connect as Machine ? Because as well, Orchestrator tell me Machine is unattended and ask me for license…

I try and try again !..

Hello. I’ve find the solution.

In fact, it was just a licence problem. To do that, it necessary to have Attented robot named licences. And in our Enterprise plan, we don’t have any of this !

Thanks a lot for your help.

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