Moving from Community to Pro - best way to understand publishing an attended automation user

Looking for a guide to the right lesson, or tutorial, or just a nudge in the right direction…

I have successfully been using the Community version for quite a while - to understand and learn to build useful automations. I now have a working, useful, attended automation targeted for a couple of attended named users.

I have purchased PRO license for developer (me) and two named, attended seats as my initial users because among other things we wanted to be sure we could test any new release before being forced to take an upgrade.

When I “publish” my app into, I’m having a challenge understanding how to get it to show up in my other user’s “Assistant” to be utilized. (it shows up in my own Assistant, but not if I log in as my normal user)

As I’ve been combing documentation and tutorials, most having to do with orchestrator seem to focus on unattended deployments, where my need is for attended.

I’m sure there is something subtle I’m missing about what level I publish to, or how to assign the app to the particular named user, but I’d love to find a good kick-start resource in this area.

Side note: I am now also getting fatal alerts nightly about my machine’s unattended robot being disconnected (I’m sure it’s something I tinkered with in Community, but now that it’s licensed without unattended seats, it wants to complain, so I should probably find where to shut that down)

Thanks in advance for this fantastic community, and for any guidance or nudge in the right direction!

In order to allow other attended/unattended users/robots to be able to see the processes in the Assistant, they need to be added to the folder where the process is present and to make sure that in their roles you are providing them the processes permissions.

For processes permissions check this link About Processes

We recommend using modern folders with machine templates (if you are using Workspace folders for processes, only your user will see the processes). If you are using only attended robots, make sure that you are installing the robots in attended mode (User Mode) and that you connect to Orchestrator using the Service URL (

A personal workspace is a modern folder available for the dedicated use of a particular attended user. You can enable creating a personal workspace for the accounts and groups to which you wish to grant robot access using attended modern robots. If enabled, this workspace is automatically created when the user is provisioned in Orchestrator.

More details about Personal Workspaces can be found here Personal Workspaces

For installing the attended robot check this documentation Installing the Robot (choose the Custom → Install for all users on this computer → and from there choose Automation Developer or Attended Robot)

Thank you Marian!
This was “directionally” helpful but I was still lost for a while – I thought I’d share screenshot of what took me “across the finish line” in case it helps anyone else in similar phase of implementation… My issue was that I was mistaking having the PACKAGE in the tenant with setting up the PROCESS from the package… in the folder.

Below was the “aha” moment workflow - and since the screenshot, I’m now dividing my folders into functional working areas etc (now that I understand populating the process in the folder from the package and applying permissions to the folder etc.)

Again, thanks for the kick in the right direction…

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